Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys/Camping from Bo Bunny

When I saw this paper I just had to have it. Not just because it is the cutest outdoor paper and we live in the Northwoods, but Justin was the boyest boy I ever saw. He could sit in the sand box for hours and hours. If he was ever missing, we just looked for the nearest pile of dirt and there he would be. He could get dirty standing still!
this paper line has matching cut out sheet and stickers. Also the arrows are cut out of a 12 x 12. It was a fun layout to make- mostly because the paper is so great. These are all of Justin, just at 3 different ages- He was always so adorable!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pretty Papers

I absolutely loved this paper when it first came and I still love it- imagine that!!!! This layout was fun and easy to make. I love to get out my cutting mat and my exacto knife. I cut the stripe in a curve- don't worry if it is not perfect- you can place your mat on top of any bad portion.
Also I layered 2 ribbons - a small decorative edged brown ribbon on top of a plain gold ribbon. This gives it a little texture and interest.
I matted the small square epoxy sticker and added it on with a foam square.
I really enjoyed making this layout- all of the paper and stickers are beautiful and I used interesting and fun techniques.
Stop in the store and see it in person!!!